Unarmed techniques (by attack type)

The following videos and accompanying commentary provide demonstrations and training notes for selected Aikido empty hand techniques.  The demonstrations and instructional videos feature high ranking Aikido practitioners from the present and past who inspire our practice at the dojo.

The techniques are broken down based on attack type.

Ai hanmi katate dori/Kosadori (cross hand grab)

Futari dori/ninin dori (2 person grab attacks)

Hagai jime (Bear hug from rear)

atemi shomen munetsuke (5)Jodan/ganmen tsuki (Strike or thrust to face)

Jo tori (Weapons taking – long staff)

kokyu nageKatadori (Shoulder grab)

Katatedori (Same side wrist grab)atemi shomen munetsuke (5)

Morotedori/ryotemochi (2 hand grab on single wrist)

koshi nageMunadori (one hand chest grab)

Ryoerijime/Gyaku ryo katadori (cross hand lapel choke)

GokyoRyokatadori (Both shoulders held from front)

Ryotedori  (Both wrists grabbed)

Shomenuchi (Overhead strike to temple)Koshi nage-06

Sodedori (sleeve grab)ikkyo in 2 o sensei_1-300x295

Sodeguchidori (cuff grab)

Tachi dori/Bokken tori (weapons taking – sword)

Tanto tori (attacks with knife)

Tsuki (strike to torso)

Ushiro eridori (collar grab from behind)

Ushiroeri katatedori (rear collar and arm grab)

Ushiro kubi jime/katatedori kubishime (rear choke)

Ushiro ryokatadori (Both shoulders held from behind)

Ushiro ryote dori (2 hand wrist grab from behind)Yonkyo Osensei 2

Yokomenuchi (strike to side of the head)

Hanmi handachi waza (Kneeling nage/standing uke)

Zagi/Suwari waza (Nage and uke both kneeling)

Other/General principles


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