Training notes: Ushiro tekubidori kaiten nage

kaiten 2 JPGIn modern Aikido kaiten techniques are typically referred to as “wheel throws” because the uke is projected in a wheel like shape. Traditionally, however, they were referred to as “open and turn” techniques.  In the text “Budo“, Master Morihei Ueshiba  describes kaiten as a turn and transform movement.

In the below video Master Koretoshi Maruyama demonstrates and provides instruction for ushiro tekubidori kaiten nage as practised in our school.  The technique is trained as a response to a traditional attack where both hands of the nage are grabbed from behind with the intent to place a knee in the nage’s back.

Depending on the school of Aikido, the technique is also sometimes referred to as ushiro ryotedori kaiten nage.


Additional notes

  • Similar beginning as ushiro tekubidori ikkyo

The beginning segments of ushiro tekubidori kaiten nage are the same (up to the downward cut movement) as ushiro tekubidori ikkyo at ryutai level. For notes on this technique, including the entry and set up see: Training notes: Ushiro tekubidori ikkyo (ryutai).

  • Other kaiten nage applications 

For training notes on other applications of kaiten nage see Video Library: Unarmed arts (by technique).  Technique groups (e.g. ikkyoirimi nage etc.) are ordered alphabetically.

  • Other ushiro tekubidori techniques 

For training notes on other Aikido techniques that are practised from a ushiro tekubidori attack, see Video Library: Unarmed arts (by attack type).  In the library, techniques are ordered alphabetically based on attack types (e.g. katadori, katatedoriushiro tekubidori etc.).

Have a great week.

Ian Grant
Head Instructor
Aikido Warrior Dojo


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