Training notes: Katatedori shiho nage

ueshiba2In the below video Morihiro Saito Sensei demonstrates the omote and ura versions of the Aikido technique Katatedori shiho nage.  The demonstrations are given from a static same side hand grab.  Dynamic under movement applications of the technique are practised at higher levels.

The term “shiho nage” in Aikido means “4 corners throw”. Practise of shiho nage techniques is common to all Aikido schools.

While Katatedori shiho nage is typically considered a basic foundation technique and in many schools forms part of the syllabus for junior grading assessment, in substance it is a deceptively difficult technique to learn.



  • Technical details – Yoshimitsu Yamada Sensei

In the below video Yoshimitsu Yamada (8th Dan) provides instruction on key technical aspects of the omote and ura applications of  Katatedori shiho nage.   


  • Difference between static and under-movement applications

In the following video, Christian Tissier demonstrates how the application of the technique changes when the attack form moves from a static application to under movement (sometimes referred to as ki no nagare).


  • Alternate application – London Aikido Club

In the below video, Sensei Andy Hathaway of the London Aikido Club provides detailed instruction on an alternate application for the subject technique.