Deflection methods – Shoulder grabs

For those interested in Aikido as a method of self-defence, an important aspect of Aikido training is the practice of methods for parrying and deflecting attacks.

In the below video produced by the TenShin Aikido Federation, instruction is given on how to effectively deflect a shoulder grab (katadori)  using an upward cutting movement to the shoulder.  This method of deflection is particularly effective in addressing a an attack of this kind and when done correctly readily sets up a variety of Aikido applications.      


  • Acknowledgement of Tenshin Aikido

Aikido Warrior Dojo would like to acknowledge and extend its appreciation to TenShin Aikido Federation for generously making the featured video and publishing it on the web.  In 2003, Renshi Santos Shihan founded the TenShin Aikido Federation (TAF) in honor of O’Sensei and those who introduced TenShin Aikido into his life, including Steven Seagal Shihan.

For more videos from the TenShin Aikido Federation check out there their channel on You Tube.