Training notes – Jodan tsuki ikkyo

In the below video, Christian Tissier Sensei (8th Dan Aikikai) provides instruction on the Aikido technique Jodan tsuki ikkyo (ura).   The technique is performed in response to a direct strike to the face (see Additional Notes).



  • Jodan Tsuki













  • Jodan tsuki ikkyo (omote) – Application

In the below video, Dojo Senior Jeremy Gehrke, who is also boxing student, gives Ian Grant Sensei the opportunity practice Aiki parrying skills in response to committed boxing strikes.  The technique that is ultimately applied (on the change of strike) is Jodan tsuki ikkyo (omote).

The video should not be viewed as Aikido vs boxing.  Nothing could be further from the truth. Jeremy is doing no more than giving Ian Sensei two forms of committed boxing strikes and allowing him to practice and develop responses based on Aiki principles.  In short, Jeremy is a training partner graciously assisting Ian Sensei to develop Aiki based skills and is in no way a competitor.


  • Jodan tsuki ikkyo (ura) – Alternate perspective

In the following video, Lenny Sly Sensei, gives an alternate perspective on  Jodan tsuki ikkyo.  As always, Sly Sensei emphasises technique with a particularly martial focus.  The video is an abridged version from that found on his dojo’s excellent You tube Channel – Rogue Warriors.


  • When ikkyo goes wrong – Alternate options

In another excellent video from Lenny Sly Sensei, alternate martial options are explored to address the circumstance when ikkyo for some reason fails.  This once again is an abridged version of a Rogue Warriors video on their You tube channel.