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Takeda Satoshi Sensei – Sunshine Coast Seminar

I had the good fortune opportunity on 19 November 2017 to a attend a mini seminar by Takeda Satoshi Shihan at Aikido Kenkyukai International Fudoshin Dojo Australia, Sunshine Coast Australia. It was the first time I have had the opportunity to train with Sensei. Fortunately, the opportunity would repeat itself as Sensei visited our own dojo a week later.  

Whenever I go to a seminar I always hope to either learn something new, gain a deeper insight into something I already have some knowledge of, or otherwise just be inspired. The mini-seminar delivered all three. Further, Sensei was incredibly generous with his time and went to much efforts to ensure we understood his teachings and unique perspectives on higher level Aikido practice.

Key learnings included an exploration of such Aiki concepts as:

  • Gathering an attack rather than fighting it;
  • Finding the zero-point in an attack;
  • Using centreline to take balance and move a uke;
  • Advanced ukemi; and
  • The importance of relaxed good posture.   

Sensei also explained the difference in the way grab based attacks were carried out in pre-war and post war Aikido, specifically the combined use of atemi (strikes) in pre-war times. As an additional bonus, Sensei also demonstrated of various Aiki Budo pins rarely seen in modern Aikido practice.

Dojo friend Steve (AKA Haybigz Bender) recorded the seminar and kindly agreed to let me post his highlights video (see below).


Huge thanks to Chicko Sensei for organising the event and also to all the folk from the 2 Sunshine Coast Dojos for making me feel so welcome.

Ian Grant
Dojo Cho
Fudoshin Warrior Dojo, Brisbane


Aikido – Common principles, infinite expressions

An informal demo by seniors at Aikido Warrior Fudoshin Dojo doing a quick run through of the Aiki principles and techniques covered at a recent Saturday class.  The theme of the class was katadori (same side grab) attacks.

The video serves as a nice reminder that while Aikido shares common principles such as taking balance, merging with the attacker’s power and maintaining centre, it also has infinite expressions.


Katadori kokyu nage – Its all in the sword

In the below video senior students from Aikido Warrior Dojo demonstrate one of the many versions of the Aikido technique katadori kokyu nage.  This particular application of kokyu nage relies heavily on aiki sword principles, including cutting and footwork skills developed through solo bokken kata.



  • Aiki principles – Katadori kokyu nage

In the below video, Christian Tissier Shihan (8th Dan Aikikai) demonstrates and provides instruction on the fundamental Aiki principles that underpin the subject technique.


Have a great week

Ian Grant
Dojo Cho
Aikido Warrior Fudoshin Dojo, Brisbane



Learnings from the sword – Dealing with shoulder grabs

Ian Grant SenseiA key aspect of our practice at the dojo is to use traditional sword movements to enhance and improve our unarmed arts.  Our practice in this regard incorporates the use of a wide range of bokkens including the shoto (short sword), suburito and Musashi oar.

Exploring Aikido in this way is in line with comments made by Master Morihei Ueshiba (The Founder of Aikido) that Aikido at its essence is a form of taijutsu that incorporates traditional sword principles

In the below video Ian Grant and Jeremy Gehrke Sensei use the short sword to explore the Aiki principles associated with absorbing and redirecting an an attack in the form of a shoulder grab (katadori).



  • Aiki principles and katadori

In the below video Chicko Xerri Sensei explores some of the key Aiki principles that underpin Aikido forms to address an attack from a shoulder grab. An integral part of the instruction in both videos is the use of the bokken to enhance understanding of the basic movements used in this type of practice.


  • chicko-senseiChicko Xerri Sensei – Brief Bio

Our dojo is a Fudoshin dojo operating under the guidance and mentorship of  Chicko Xerri Sensei, 6th dan AKI (Aikikai), Tokyo.  Chicko Sensei has been practising and teaching Aikido for more than 40 years and is endorsed by Doshu Ueshiba.

Have a great weekend

Ian Grant
Dojo Cho
Aikido Warrior Fudoshin Dojo


New Training times for Aikido Warrior Dojo

Please note that the dojo has changed its training hours to the following.

bokken koshi nageAikido

Saturday morning: 10.00am -11.30 am

Wednesday evening: 7.30 pm – 9.00 pm

  • Traditional sword

Wednesday evening: 7.30pm – 8.45pm

The changes have been made to better accommodate the needs of our members who typically have family and work obligations.

Have a great weekend

Ian Grant
Dojo Cho
Aikido Warrior, Dojo