Training notes: Ryotedori kokyu nage

In the below video Morihiro Saito Sensei demonstrates the Aikido technique Ryotedori kokyu nage.

The technique is performed in circumstances where the uke grabs both of the nage’s wrists (ryotedori).  It is classified in Aikido as a “breath throw” (kokyu nage).

The below demonstration is at ki no nagare (free flowing) level. Information on the kihon (static) application is provided in the Additional Notes.



  • Technical notes – Kihon (static) application – Takemusu Aikido Vol 4

  • Ki no nagare demonstration  – Aikido Warrior Dojo

In the below informal video, Ian Grant Sensei and Peter Marendy Sensei from Aikido Warrior Dojo are recorded working on Aiki principles for Ryotedori kokyu nage at ki no nagare level.


  • Technical notes – Ki no nagare application – London Aikido Club


  • Technical notes – Ki no nagare application – Takemusu Aikido Vol 4


  • Demonstration – Aikido Alive London