Training notes: Munadori ikkyo

In the below videos Morihiro Saito Sensei (1928-2002) demonstrates the Aikido technique munadori ikkyo as practised by O’Sensei (the Founder of Aikido) in the immediate post-war period of his life.  The demonstration includes both the omote and ura versions.



  • Balance breaking

In the below video Sensei Andy Hathaway of the London Aikido Club demonstrates and explores the balance breaking principles underpinning munadori ikkyo omote. 


  • Dealing with resistance – Aiki principles

In the following video, Sensei Hathaway explains the Aiki principles that need to be applied to effectively overcome resistance when applying ikkyo techniques.


Brief Biography – Morihiro Saito Sensei (1928-2002)

saito_seiza_260Morihiro Saito Sensei’s  practice of Aikido spanned 56 years and he is one of the most important teachers in Aikido history.  Saito Sensei was a live-in student of O’sensei for more than 20 years at his home dojo in Iwama, Japan.

Saito Sensei spent his teaching life dedicated to preserving the technical style of Aikido as practised and shown to him by O’sensei in the post-war period.  Without his commitment to preserving the Aikido of the Founder and extensive efforts to record and document his teachings, much of the Aikido of O’sensei would have no doubt been lost.  The Aikido world owes him a great debt.