Training Notes: Irimi principles for munetsuki

Irimi munetsukiIn the below video, Peter Kelly Sensei, Aikido Yuishinkai,  examines the principles for effective entering (irimi) when dealing with a direct strike to the torso (munetsuki).

A key aspect of the instruction is how to avoid being tracked. This aspect of effective Aikido technique is unfortunately too-often neglected in training.  The fact remains, however, it is surprisingly easy for a uke to track a nage when executing a strike unless the nage meets the strike rather than attempts to avoid it.

There is no doubt that training to meet a strike requires significant repetitive practice to acquire the necessary “mechanical” and timing skills.  Even more challenging, however, is the psychological “rewiring” necessary to retrain our minds to initially enter into an oncoming strike rather than try to dodge or otherwise move away from it.  In the words of O’Sensei – “One should be prepared to receive ninety-nine percent of an enemy’s attack and stare death right in the face in order to illumine the path.”

Have a great week.

Ian Grant
Dojo Cho
Aikido Warrior Dojo, Brisbane

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