Training notes: Morotedori hiji nage

In the below video Morihiro Saito Sensei demonstrates the Aikido technique Morotedori hiji nage.  The demonstration is at ki no nagare (free flowing level). The information on the basic application is provided in the Additional Notes.

As with all hiji nage applications, a key feature of the projection involves pressure being placed on the uke’s elbow.  The choice for the uke is to roll out or risk serious injury due to hyper extension of the elbow joint.  For this reason it needs to practised slowly and with due regard for safety by both the nage and uke.

Depending on the school, the technique may also be referred to as Morotedori kokyu nage or sometimes Morotedori juji nage.



  • Technical notes – Basic (static) application – Takemusu Aikido Vol 4