Training notes: Hanmi handachi katate dori shiho nage

Hamni Handachi shiho nageHanmi handachi waza (sometimes called Zagi handachi waza) is a common form of Aikido practice whereby the nage is in a kneeling position and the uke  attacks while standing.  In this type of training the uke has the  advantage of both mobility and height. The nage, however, has the advantage of a lower centre of gravity and a triangular base.

Training in Hanmi handachi waza is particularly beneficial as it develops skills in taking a ukes balance with only minimal lower body movement.  The training also assists in understanding the importance of centre and use of the centre line in Aikido practice.

In the below video, seniors from our dojo demonstrate how we typically practice the Aikido technique Hanmi handachi katate dori shiho nage.  This technique is from the broader Aikido syllabus and is demonstrated both a static attack and where the attack is under motion. The static version that we practice is inspired by O’sensei‘s manual “Budo Renshu“.



  • Alternate single handed version 

In the below video, Master Morihei Useshiba (O’sensei) demonstrates Hanmi handachi katate dori shiho nage from a single grab. Particularly notable in this version is the use of atemi (striking) by the nage.


  • Other forms of hanmi handachi katate dori shiho nage


Ian Grant
Head Instructor
Aikido Warrior Dojo


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