Our Seniors

Ian Grant  (Dojo Cho)


Ian first started training in martial arts some 40 years ago when he was 11 years old.  A former Judoka before moving to Aikido, Ian prefers his Aikido to be dynamic, fun and with an emphasis on martial integrity and relaxed centred power.

Ian has a particular interest in exploring Aikido as a martially valid internal martial art.  His classes place a high emphasis on the fundamental principles that underpin Aikido practice, as well as ukemi (the art of receiving a technique).


Peter Marendy

Peter studied Aikido at the Griffith Aikido Institute prior to joining our dojo as a founding member.

Peter has strong views that Aikido should offer students a complete system of self-defence and be trained as a martially valid form of budo. To this end, Peter’s classes emphasise the importance of atemi (striking) and balance taking.

Peter also has a particular interest in the study of kokyu ho and its role in developing martially powerful  applications.





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