Training notes: Ryotedori seoi otoshi

While by no means the most commonly practised “drop” technique, seoi otoshi (or “shoulder drop”) has been part of Aikido since its early days.

In the below video, students from our dojo are practising the technique from a traditional where both of the nage’s wrists are grabbed (ryotedori). This form of practice is excellent for ukemi training and developing aerobic fitness for the nage.



  • Technical notes

In the following video Peter Kelly Sensei of Aikido Yuishinkai (Tasmania) provides technical instruction for the technique.



  • Ryotedori kokyu nage

The set up for ryotedori seoi otoshi (as demonstrated in the video) is the same as for ryotedori kokyu nage.  For notes on ryotedori kokyu nage (including its set up) – see Training notes: Ryotedoru kokyu nage (and koshi nage).

  • Difference between seio otoshi and seio nage

Seio otoshi - Ian Grant SenseiThe difference between a seio otoshi (shoulder drop) and seio nage (shoulder throw)  is often a source of confusion. For discussion on the technical differences between the two technique types see – Seio otoshi and seio nage – Whats the difference?

Have a great week.

Ian Grant
Head Instructor
Aikido Warrior Dojo, Brisbane

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