Training notes: Munetsuki ikkyo

In the below video, Christian Tissier Sensei (8th Dan Aikikai) demonstrates  omote and ura applications for the Aikido technique Mune tsuki ikkyo.  The technique is performed in response to a thrust to the torso and usually is completed with a pin.

Depending on the Aikido school, the technique is sometimes referred to as Chudan tsuki ikkyo.  Other forms and variations of the technique are included in Additional Notes.



  • Alternate application (1)

In the below video instruction is given in an alternate application of the technique  by Steve Magson Sensei (5th Dan Aikikai), principal instructor in Sakumeikan Aikikai.


  • Alternate Application (2)

In the below video Andy Hathaway Sensei of the London Aikido Club provides instruction on the traditional ura version of Munetsuki ikkyo.   

For further information and instructional video on a wide range of traditional Aikdio techniques see the dojo’s outstanding You Tube channel.


Alternate application (3)

The below application was recorded at our dojo some years ago.  Instruction is given by Peter Kelly Sensei, Seishin no Shugyo Dojo, Tasmania.


  • When ikkyo goes wrong – Other options

In another excellent video from Lenny Sly Sensei, alternate martial options are explored to address the circumstance when ikkyo for some reason fails.  This once again is an abridged version of a Rogue Warriors video on their You tube channel.