Training notes: Ryokatadori kokyu ho

In the below video produced by Aikido Alive London Dojo, instruction is given for 2 versions of the Aikido exercise Ryokatadori kokyu ho.

The practice of kokyu exercises (Kokyu ho) and their applications (Kokyu nage) play an important role in developing relaxed power for Aikido techniques.  They are practised at every class in our dojo.

For more excellent technical videos by Aikido Alive London, see their channel on You Tube.



  • Basic static application – Kihon

In the following video, Morihiro Saito Sensei demonstrates the kihin application of Ryotedori kokyu nage.  


Ki no nagare application

In the following produced by Aikido Alive London Dojo, instruction is given for the ki no nagare applications for Ryokatadori kokyu ho. Depending on the school, ki no nagare (free flowing) applications are often considered throws (kokyu nage).  Regardless the principles are the same.