Training notes: Yokomenuchi hiji nage

In the below video Morihiro Saito Sensei demonstrates the Aikido technique Yokomenuchi hiji nage.

A key feature of the technique is that the projection involves pressure being placed on the uke’s elbow.  The choice for the uke is to roll out or risk serious injury due to hyper extension of the elbow joint.  For this reason it needs to practised slowly and with due regard for safety by both the nage and uke.

Depending on the school, the technique may also be referred to as Yokomenuchi kokyu nage or Yokomenuchi juji nage.



  • Initial foot movements and set up


  • Technical aspects – London Aikido Club 

In the below video, Sensei Andy Hathaway of the London Aikido Club gives instruction on the technical aspects for the technique.  For other excellent technical videos on Aikido generously shared by the London Aikido Club, please see their channel on You tube.


  • Pictorial explanation – Takemusu Aikido Vol 4


  • Alternate application – Aikido Warrior Dojo – Ian Grant Sensei

In the below video senior students from our dojo demonstrate a direct entry variation of the Aikido technique Yokomenuchi kokyu nage/hiji nage. 

In this particular variation, the nage initially executes a direct entry hand sword cut up the uke’s centreline to take their balance.  This initial taking of the uke’s balance sets up the remainder of the technique and is critical to its successful application.


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