Training notes: Yokomenuchi ikkyo

In the below video Morito Suganuma Sensei (8th dan Aikikai) demonstrates the omote and ura forms of the technique o the Aikido technique yokomenuchi ikkyo.  The omote form is demonstrated at kihon (basic) level only.  

The technique is performed in the context of an offensive strike to the side of the temple (yokomenuchi) and is completed with a pin. Pinning techniques are referred to as osae waza in Aikido practice. Ikkyo is the “first technique” in osae waza.



  • Technical details – Kihon level

In the below video Morito Suganuma Sensei (8th dan Aikikai) demonstrates and provides technical instruction for the omote and ura forms of the technique at kihon level.


  • Kokyu principles – Entry for kihon application

In the following video, Saito Sensei provides detailed instruction on how to enter for the kihon application using kokyu principles.


  • Ikkyo pin – Master Morihei Ueshiba, Founder of Aikido 







  • Advanced application (1) – Christian Tissier Sensei


  • Advanced application 2 – Chicko Xerri Sensei – Fudoshin Aikido

In the following video. Chicko Xerri Shihan provides instruction on the Aiki principles underpinning an advanced application of the technique.  Our dojo operates under the guidance and mentorship of Chicko Sensei.


  • Yokomenuchi ikkyo – Progression of learning – Christian Tissier Sensei