Aiki principles – Yokomen is shomen

yokomen-morihei-ueshiba-arm-extende1In the below video Chicko Xerri Sensei explores the Aiki principles underpinning a yokomen strike or cut in Aikido practice.

Yokomen is described in the Founders 2nd text, Budo (1938), as a “blow to the side of your partner’s head or down diagonally across (their) shoulder with your te-gatana (hand sword)”.

The importance of yokomen training in Aikido is also discussed in the text.  Of particular note is the statement that training in yokomen attacks “…contains the essence of all techniques“.



  • Yokomenuchi basics – Mike Jones Sensei – NY Aikikai


  • chicko-senseiChicko Xerri Sensei – Brief Bio

Our dojo is a Fudoshin dojo operating under the guidance and mentorship of  Chicko Xerri Sensei, 6th dan AKI (Aikikai), Tokyo.  Chicko Sensei has been practising and teaching Aikido for more than 40 years and is endorsed by Doshu Ueshiba.

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