Training notes: Ai hanmi katatedori hiji nage

Hiji waza (elbow techniques) are always practised with a high degree of caution.  These forms of Aiki applications rely on pressure either being applied to the elbow joint or alternately locking the elbow joint to facilitate the balance taking necessary to execute the throw.

In the below video seniors from our dojo demonstrate one of the most basic forms of hiji waza – Ai hanmi katatedori hiji nage (sometimes also referred to as kosadori hiji nage).  This particular type of projection is practised from an attack in the form of an opposite single hand grab to the wrist.

Notably in some schools the technique is labelled as a form kokyu nage (breath throw).  This is most appropriate given the kokyu ho based movement underpinning the application.



  • Demonstration – Morihiro Saito Sensei


  • Takemusu Aikido (volume 4)


  • Alternate projection application

In the below video S Crane Sensei demonstrates and provides instruction for an alternate elbow projection application referred to as Ai hanmi katatedori hiji kime.


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