Unarmed arts (by technique)

The following videos and accompanying commentary provide demonstrations and training notes for selected Aikido empty hand techniques.  The demonstrations and instructional videos feature high ranking Aikido practitioners from the present and past who inspire our practice at the dojo.

The techniques are broken down based on technique type.

Gokyo shomen 1Gokyo (No 5 wrist techniques)

Ikkyo (No 1 wrist techniques)

Irimi nage (Entering techniques)

Jujinage 1Juji nage (crossed arm techniques)

Kaiten nage (Shoulder wheel techniques)

Kokyu nage (1): Hiji waza

Kokyu nage (2) – Irimi applications

Kokyu nage (3) – Kokyu ho applications

Kokyu nage (3): Projections

Koshi nage (Hip throw techniques)koshi nage

morihei-ueshiba-budo-kotegaeshiKotegaeshi (Outer wrist turn techniques)

Makikomi (Wrap techniques)

Men nage (Head throw techniques)

nilyo 2Nikyo (No 2 wrist technique)

Otoshi (Drop techniques)

Rokkyo (No 6 wrist technique)

Sankyo (No 3 Wrist technique)

Seio nage (Shoulder throw techniques)

Shiho nage (four corner techniques)

Tenchi nage (Heaven and earth techniques)

Yonkyo (No 4 wrist technique)

Other/General principles