Training notes: Ai hanmi katatedori kokyu nage

ian-grant-kokyu-nageIn the below video Ian Grant, Jeremy Gehrke and Peter Marendy Sensei demonstrate one of the traditional applications of the Aikido technique Ai hanmi katatedori kokyu nage.  This application of kokyu nage (breath throw) from a cross hand grab has a long history in Aikido stemming back to the 1950’s.

Depending on the school, the demonstrated kokyu nage is also referred to as Kosadori kokyu nage, Katate kosadori zenpo nage, or Ai hanmi katatedori menuchi kokyu nage.

The video was recorded at our dojo on 14 January 2017 after a Saturday class.



  • Kosadori kokyu nage –  “Takemusu Aikido (Volume iv)” 


kosadori-kokyu-nage-1bSource: “Complete Guide to Aikido” (2015), Morihiro Saito Sensei