Budo (1938): Tachi dori shomen giri kotegaeshi

Bokken kotegaishi 2 osenseiIn 1938 Master Morihei Ueshiba, the Founder of Aikido, finalised the 2nd of his 3 technical texts.  Simply titled “Budo“, the text contains a sampling of techniques from a wide range of attacks, including grabs, strikes and attacks from different weapons.

Budo” is an important reference point for our practice at Aikido Warrior Dojo. The techniques and principles referred to therein are regularly practised.

Interestingly, the Founder only included 3 tachi dori techniques in his 2nd text.  One of these was tachi dori showmen giri kotegaeshi.

The below video features a photographic demonstration tachi dori shomen giri kotegaeshi as it appears in “Budo”.  Also included are demonstrations of the technique by Morihiro Saito Sensei who was a direct student of the Founder for more than 20 years.



  • O’sensei’s explanation of tachi dori shomen giri kotegaeshi (1938)

In O’sensei’s manual “Budo” (1938), there is substantive instruction given for tachi dori shomen giri kotegaeshi.  In edited form, it reads as follows:

As soon as your opponent cuts, move with the speed of the gods and enter deeply to the right with irimi tankan.  Strike your opponents right wrist with your left te-gatana (hand sword), remain aware of possible attackers to the rear and strike your opponent’s face with your right fist…

Apply …kotegaeshi .. and down your opponent.  In this case it is necessary to control his hand and sword with the little and ring fingers of your right hand.  Next turn your opponent round to the left, pin him face down, take the sword and hold it to his neck

  • Hand position for take down and wrist pin

The traditional hand position on the bokken for the takedown to the mat and wrist pin is shown in the pictures below.  Note the hilt of the bokken is grabbed with the nage’s right little finger and ring finger. The nage’s left thumb is at the base of the uke’s right ring finger.

Bokken kotegaeshi 2JPG

Bokken kotegaeshi





  • Atemi

strike kotegaeshiAt the completion of the irimi tenkan movement there is the option of atemi in the form of striking the uke’s face with your right hand.

Practice of atemi in this way is a most useful practice tool to assist in learning the correct positioning for the technique.

 Have a great week.

Ian Grant
Head Instructor
Aikido Warrior Dojo


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