Training notes: Tanto dori – Munetsuki hiji kime

In the below video, Dojo senior Jeremy Gehrke demonstrates the Aikido technique – Munetsuki hiji kime.  The technique is applied in the context of a traditional knife attack to the abdomen.



  • Alternate version 

In the below video clip, Mike Jones Sensei from NY Aiki kai demonstrates an alternate version of tanto tori munetsuki hiji kime.  In this version the nage remains standing at the completion of the technique (similar to a traditional kokyu nage ending ).  The principles being applied, however, are the same and equally applicable to the featured video demonstration (above).

Also included in the video are combined elbow and choke retraining techniques for addressing an attack with a tanto.  These techniques are also practised at our dojo.

Have a great week

Ian Grant
Dojo Cho
Aikido Warrior Dojo




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