Aikido hip throws

Saturday’s class – What we covered in 36 seconds

We’ve introduced a new tradition lately where seniors do a quick run through summary demo at the end of class of what we covered in the previous 2 hours. This Saturday it was informally recorded and makes a nice video momento of a typical class at our dojo.

Playing with koshi nage – A bokken and jo perspective

Although part of the broader Aikido syllabus, one of our favourite techniques to practice at the dojo is koshi nage (hip throw). In fact, there would rarely be a class where this technique does not appear in some form.

bokken koshi nageLike many Aikido techniques, the origins of koshi nage trace back to the battlefield. With this in mind,  we recently resolved to study the technique in the context of paired weapons practice, specifically bokken (wooden sword) vs bokken and jo (staff) vs bokken. Below is a video recording of our first efforts in this regard.

The informally recorded demonstrations are intentionally experimental and involve subtle differences in terms of hand placement on the weapon, form of ukemi, method of moving off-line, atemi, feet position and balance breaking.   All in all a very useful and informative learning exercise.

As a qualifier when viewing the video, please note that our dojo is not a sword or jo school and we are not about learning to “fight” with these weapons.  For us, the purpose of paired weapons practice is to magnify errors in our Aikido technique and to give us the  opportunity to apply Aikido principles in different situations.

Have a great week

Ian Grant
Dojo Cho
Aikido Warrior Dojo, Brisbane

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Training Notes – Ryotedori kokyunage and koshinage

Peter KellyThis video training note examines ryotedori kokyu nage and koshi nage applications.  The video extract is from from a class given by Peter Kelly Sensei (7th Dan, Aikido Yuishinkai) at the Aikido Warrior Dojo on 17 May 2014.

Peter Sensei’s interpretation of koshi nage (hip throw) is heavily influenced by the approach taken by Yoshio Kuroiwa Sensei. Peter Sensei makes the following comment in this regard:

Yoshio Kuroiwa Sensei always taught with a stick to teach lines and internal power vectors and triangulation. He was very martial, an ex boxer. Great understanding of movement. I have tried very hard to follow his style of Koshi. If it’s easy and smooth, no can defence.”

In the video extract Peter Sensei notes that O’Sensei often joked that he could do koshinage all day and not get tired.  The ukemi challenges associated with koshinage are also explored.

Ian Grant
Head Instructor
Aikido Warrior Dojo