Arana Hills

Our dojo has moved!

For last 3 and half years our dojo has had the privilege to be hosted by The Gap State School.  The good news is that the school has just received much needed funding approval to renovate the MFB Building that houses our dojo.  Unfortunately, it also means that our dojo will need to move.

As is often the case in life, as one door closes another door opens.

I am pleased to announce that Aikido Warrior Fudoshin Dojo will as of 10 June 2017 now be hosted by the Uniting Church at its Community Hall in the North Western suburb of Arana Hills.  The new venue has plenty of off-road parking immediately in front of the dojo.

I would also like to thank Rev Josie, Don, and Lorelle for allowing us to use their community hall and making us feel so welcome.

The street address for the dojo is 14 Alstonia street, Arana Hills. The off street car park is in Cestrum Street and is directly in front of the entry to the dojo (see Map below).





Katadori kokyu nage – Its all in the sword

In the below video senior students from Aikido Warrior Dojo demonstrate one of the many versions of the Aikido technique katadori kokyu nage.  This particular application of kokyu nage relies heavily on aiki sword principles, including cutting and footwork skills developed through solo bokken kata.



  • Aiki principles – Katadori kokyu nage

In the below video, Christian Tissier Shihan (8th Dan Aikikai) demonstrates and provides instruction on the fundamental Aiki principles that underpin the subject technique.


Have a great week

Ian Grant
Dojo Cho
Aikido Warrior Fudoshin Dojo, Brisbane