shomenuchi kaiten nage

Training notes: Shomenuchi kaiten nage

In modern Aikido kaiten techniques are typically referred to as “wheel throws” because the uke is projected in a wheel like shape.  Traditionally, however, they were referred to as “open and turn” techniques.  In the text “Budo“, Master Morihei Ueshiba  describes kaiten as a turn and transform movement.

In the below video, Morhiro Saito Sensei demonstrates shomenuchi kaiten nage. 



  • Technical instruction

In the below video produced by the London Aikido Club, Andy Hathaway Sensei provides instruction on technical aspect of the technique.

The London Aikido Club shares many of its teachings on the web.  Those interested in the study of traditional Aikido as taught by the Founder in the post war period of his life may wish to check out the London Aikido Club’s You tube channel.


  • Aikido Warrior Demonstration  

See below an informal practice session by Aikido Warrior dojo seniors experimenting with alternate applications of  shomenuchi kaiten nage including from hamni handachi (nage is kneeling) .  The recording was taken after a Saturday morning class.



  • Shomenuchi kaiten nage – Parrying

For detailed instruction on parrying and balance taking methods for shomenuchi strikes  see – Shomenuchi deflections methods.

  • Oher kaiten nage techniques

For training notes on other applications of kaiten nage see Video Library: Unarmed arts (by technique).  Technique groups (e.g. ikkyoirimi nage etc.) are ordered alphabetically.

Have a great week.

Ian Grant
Head Instructor
Aikido Warrior Dojo