Aiki Studies – Gathering and releasing energy

In the below video Chicko Xerri Sensei explores the Aiki concept of moving off-line to gather and release the energy of an attack so as to diffuse and redirect it.  This method of addressing an attack was very typical of the Founder’s Aikido in his later years.



  • Gathering principle – 2 person attacks

In the following video Chicko Sensei applies the Aiki principle of “gathering energy” to a 2 person attack scenari (Futari dori).  Chicko Sensei discusses visualisation methods to assist in understanding the principle, as well as the importance of  breathing, moving off the line and aligning with the incoming energy of the attacks.


  • chicko-senseiChicko Xerri Sensei – Brief Bio

Our dojo is a Fudoshin dojo operating under the guidance and mentorship of  Chicko Xerri Sensei, 6th dan AKI (Aikikai), Tokyo.  Chicko Sensei has been practising and teaching Aikido for more than 40 years and is endorsed by Doshu Ueshiba.

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