Bokken exercises: Kiri age

kiriageThe practice of bokken (wooden sword) arts is an integral part of Aikido training in Aikido Yuishinkai.  Amongst other things, solo and paired bokken practice plays an important role in helping develop key skills for unarmed arts.  These skills include foot work, distance, timing, centred movement, relaxed power and correct posture.

In the below video Master Koretoshi Maruyama, Founder, Aikido Yuishinkai demonstrates the fundamental foot work and cutting movements for the solo bokken exercise kiri age (vertical upper cut).

Aikido Warrior Dojo - Bokken kataOne of the key benefits of this exercise is that it facilitates internalisation of moving the body as a single entity rather than moving the arms disconnected from the body.  Those interested in studying advanced internal principles (e.g. yin  yang) in Aikido movement will also find the exercise of interest, particularly if they use a heavier bokken such as a “Musashi oar”.

From a purely mechanical and physical perspective, kiri age also helps develop powerful upper cut atemi (age tsuki) and is a great workout for the thighs and “glutes”.


Other bokken exercises

For other Aikido related bokken exercises see – Bokken arts library.

Have a great week.

Ian Grant
Head Instructor
Aikido Warrior Dojo




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