Training notes – Katadori ikkyo (ura)

ikkyo 3We have a number of 5th Kyu (yellow belt) gradings to look forward to in the next few weeks.  With this in mind, I thought it might be helpful to put up some video training notes on one of the sometimes more challenging techniques in the 5th Kyu Aikido Yuishinkai syllabus –  katadori ikkyo (ura).

The technique is performed in the context of a grabbing attack to the shoulder (katadori). While it is possible to end the technique with a projection, it is generally finished with a pin.

In the below video Master Koretoshi Maruyama, Founder of Aikido Yuishinkai, provides instruction on the basic levels (kotai and juntai) of katadori ikkyo (ura).  These are the levels which are tested in a 5th Kyu grading in our school.

The video was recorded at a seminar in 2008 held at Aikido School of Excellence, Tasmania.

Have a great weekend

Ian Grant
Head Instructor
Aikido Warrior Dojo

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