Suwari waza munadori juji nage

Training notes: Munadori juji nage

In the below video, Morihiro Saito Sensei (9th Dan) demonstrates 2 versions of the Aikido technique juji nage  (crossed arms throw) in response to a front lapel  grab (munedori).



  • Hand position (standard version)



  • Munadori juji nage – London Aikido Club

In the below video Sensei Andy Hathaway of the London Aikido Club demonstrates and discusses important aiki training points for Munadori juji nage, including use of the hips, shifting weight, breaking the munadori grip and atemi opportunities.


  • Munadori juji nage – kokyu ho variation

In this second video by the London Aikido Club, Sensei Andy Hathaway teaches a  variation of  Munadori juji nage based on traditional kokyu ho principles for dealing with munadori attacks.


  • Munadori juji nage – Suwari waza

In the below munadori juji nage is demonstrated with both the nage and uke facing each other while on their knees.  This is referred to a zagi waza or suwari waza, depending on the Aikido style.


The kneeling version of  munedori juji nage has a long history in Aikido.  It dates back to the 1930’s and is included in both of O’Sensei’s technical manuals from that period.

In O’sensei’s 1938 demonstration the uke is pinned with one hand thereby allowing O’Sensei the option of applying an additional atemi to the uke‘s torso.  It also places the nage in the more advantageous position to deal with additional attackers if need be.

Jujinage 1Juji nage 2Juji nage 3




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