Training notes: Jo nage shiho nage

saito osenseiThe below video was recorded at a recent class at our dojo where we studied a form of Aikido practice referred to as jo nage.  In this type of practice the nage (i.e. the person applying the technique) is armed with a wooden staff (a jo).

The jo nage technique being explored is the traditional version of shiho nage (4 directions throw).  Both the omote and ura forms are demonstrated.



  • Jo nage shiho nage – more detailed look

saito_seiza_260For more detailed instruction the traditional form of jo nage shiho nage see the below a video of  Morihiro Saito Sensei (1928-2002) providing instruction on the technique.

Saito Sensei’s practice of Aikido spanned 56 years and he is one of the most important teachers in Aikido history.  Saito Sensei was a live-in student of O’sensei for more than 20 years at his home dojo in Iwama, Japan.


Have a great weekend.

Ian Grant
Head Instructor
Aikido Warrior Dojo



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