Training notes: Jo nage kotegaeshi

Maruyama 3In the below video Koretoshi Maruyama Sensei (Aikido Yuishinkai) demonstrates and provides instruction for the Aikido technique kotegaeshi (outer wrist turn) where the nage is armed with a wooden staff (a jo).

Maruyama Sensei particularly emphasises in the video the importance of focusing on the centre point of the jo as measured between the distance of the uke‘s hands.  It is only by focussing movement of the jo at this point that the nage is able to not only retain control of the jo, but also move the uke’s centre so that the conditions for a successful throw are possible.



  • Demonstration by Master Morihei Ueshiba 

In the below video, the Founder of Aikido, Master Morihei Ueshiba (O’sensei), performs jo nage kotegaeshi in free form practice (taninzugake).  The recording was made in 1952.   O’sensei was 69 years old.


Have a great week.

Ian Grant
Dojo Cho
Aikido Warrior Dojo



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