Training notes: Jodan tsuki kokyu nage

Snapshot 1 (14-08-2015 5-52 PM)While direct strikes to the face (Jodan tsuki) tend to receive less emphasis in Aikido compared strikes to the torso (munetsuki), dealing with these sorts of attacks remains an important part of our regular practice.

In the below video, Peter Kelly Sensei, Aikido Yuishinkai  shows how to apply kokyu nage (breath throw) to address a Jodan tsuki attack. A key aspect of the demonstrated technique is a bokken like cut movement combined with a 180 degree (drop to one knee) turn.

The video was recorded at Aikido Warrior Dojo, Brisbane on 12 August 2015.


  • Jodan Tsuki














All the best

Ian Grant
Head Instructor
Aikido Warrior Dojo, Brisbane

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