Class photo album – 26 April 2014

A photo album from our Saturday morning training session on 26 April 2014. This was our first class with Thom Hansen Sensei (who has been practising Aikido for some 30 years) as guest senior instructor.

Our dojo is most fortunate to have Thom Sensei not only as our patron and mentor, but also as guest senior instructor on the last Saturday class of each month.

A Big thanks as always to Eden for taking the photos.

All the best


Ian Grant
Head Instructor
Aikido Warrior Dojo

One comment

  1. Hey Ian.

    Looks like your new dojo is going from good to better & better all the time. Congratulations on a great effort.

    One frame on the video for 26 April caught my eye: what appeared to be Jo putting a serious atemi on you at about 27 seconds. Finally someone is treating atemi as more than hand flapping. Yeah, I know, even saying that will generate some frowns!!!

    That frame in the video reminded me of something Stanley Pranin wrote recently: “Morihei retained important Daito-ryu principles such as initiating the movement on uke’s in-breath, and off-balancing and controling uke by means of atemi and the application of pressure points. In other words, the Founder preserved the martial spirit of the technique inherited from Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu.”

    Hope to get over to see you guys before too much longer.

    Best regards,
    – Bill Hely

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