Aikido Warrior Dojo – First class photo album

Saturday was the first adults class for Aikido Warrior Dojo  at our new premises  in the leafy north-west Brisbane suburb of The Gap.  With plenty of open space, nice facilities and a high ceiling, it ticked all the boxes for a positive, safe and pleasant place to train.

Supported by visiting friends from Aikido Republic Dojo and the Hills District Dojo, we ended up with a full mat. Our training time, which proved to be a most energetic session, was very much focussed on rediscovering lessons learnt from the last 2 Aikido Yuishinkai national seminars and exploring new applications for them.

With such an auspicious occasion at hand, the camera was rolling.  Without further ado, these were the results.

Thanks to everyone who attended for training safely, with an open mind and an explorer’s heart.

Yours in Aiki

Ian Grant Sensei
Head Instructor
Aikido Warrior Dojo

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