Yoko wakare


Yoko wakari (Side separation) is one of the traditional forty throws of Judo as originally developed by its founder Professor Jigoro Kano.  The technique is categorised as a side sacrifice throw (Yoko sutemi waza). It is commonly practised in Judo Clubs.

Variations of yoko wakari are practised in Aikido dojos that include sutemi waza (sacrifice throws) as part of their broader syllabus.  Sacrifice throws are practised at our dojo as part of our studies in Aiki applications.

Overview of Judo technique 

In the below video, an overview Yoko wakare is given from a Judo kata perspective.  Demonstrations are also given as to how the technique can be used as a counter to hip throws and foot sweeps.


More Detailed analysis

In the below video, an analysis of the fundamentals underpinning the basic form of Yoko wakare is given.


Aikido applications

In the following video, senior students from our dojo can be seen practising variations of yoko wakare in response to differing traditional Aikido attack forms.  Sutemi waza of this kind is excellent for developing technical ukemi skill (art of falling) for both the nage and uke.