Yoko tomoe nage

Tomoe nage (Circle throw) is Judo technique that is categorised as a front sacrifice throw (Ma sutemi).   The technique is referred to as a sacrifice throw because practitioner applying it (tori) falls back in front of the uke while throwing.  Yoko tomoe nage is a variation of tomoe nage where the uke is thrown by placing the foot on their abdomen and then projected to the side (rather than straight over head).

Technical instruction

In the below video instruction on how to perform Yoko tomoe nage in a Judo context is given by Sampson Sampson (8th Dan).  Sampson Sensei generously posts many instructional videos. Those interested in quality on-line Judo instruction are recommended to peruse the Sampson Judo Channel on You tube.


Yoko tomoe nage in Aikido training

Sacrifice throws form part of the Aikido syllabus, although they are not practised at all dojos.  We do practice them at our dojo, including yoko tomoe nage.  The throw is of particular interest to us at the dojo as it can be “naturally” applied as a response to a variety of traditional attack positions.  Its also a lot of fun.

In the below video, yoko tomoe nage can be seen being practised by Ian and Peter Sensei at our dojo in an Aikido context.