Uki goshi

Uki Goshi (Floating half hip throw) is one of the original 40 throws of Judo as developed by its founder Professor Jigoro Kano.  Uki goshi is classified as a hip throw. It is commonly practised in all Judo dojos.

The basics – Judo application

In the below video produced by Windsong Dojo, the basic technical elements of the Judo application of this throw are explored.  The principles articulated in the video equally apply to koshi nage as practised in Aikido.

Windsong Dojo is a Judo and Aikido Dojo that publishes an array of insightful and easy to understand instructional videos on You tube.  Their you tube channel is highly recommended.


Uki goshi – Traditional training forms

In the below video, an overview is given of the traditional training practice form for Uki otoshi.  Notably, the training is very similar to Aikido training where the uke attacks with yokomenuchi (side blow to the temple).


Uki goshi in Aikido practice

In Aikido,  Uke goshi is one of the many forms of the technique referred to as koshi nage and can readily be applied as a response to most traditional attack forms.  The throw is a common feature at training in our dojo.  Apart from its benefits in terms of teaching fundamental aiki principles such as taking balance and maintaining centre, it is an excellent way for beginners to safely learn to receive breakfalls.

In the below video, Ian and Jeremy Sensei from our dojo demonstrate various forms of Uki goshi/Koshi nage in an Aikido context. The emphasis in the video is on control and centre, as opposed to full power.


Archival footage – Founder of Judo teaching Uki goshi

Uki otoshi was reportedly the favourite throw of the Founder of Judo.  The below archival footage shows Jigaro Kano teaching Uki otoshi to class in the 1930’s. The video speed has been adjusted to make it play in real time (rather than speeded up).