Osoto gari

Osoto gari (Major or larger outer reap) is one of the original 40 throws of Judo as developed by its founder Professor Jigoro Kano.  Osoto gari is classifies as a foot technique (ashi waza). It is practised in all Judo dojos.

The throw is not commonly trained in Aikido dojos. Althogh it does have similarities to some forms of kokyu nage applications.  The throw is practised at our dojo.  Many of the principles underpinning the technique are share with or are similar to those applicable in Aikido including, kuzushi (breaking balance), Tsukuri (turning or floating the uke while they are off balance) and moving off-line.  The technique is also worthy of practice on the basis that it very much compliments the system of self-protection that forms part of regular Aikido practice.

Technical instruction

In the below video detailed and insightful instruction on how to correctly perform Osoto gari by Sampson Sampson (8th Dan).  Sampson Sensei generously posts many instructional videos. Those interested in quality on-line Judo instruction are recommended to peruse the Sampson Judo Channel on You tube.


Additional technical aspects

In the below video produced by Windsong Dojo, additional technical elements of the throw are explored.  Windsong Dojo is a Judo and Aikido Dojo that publishes an array of insightful and easy to understand instructional videos on You tube.  Their you tube channel is highly recommended.


Alternate hand placement options and variations

In another excellent video produced by Sampson Judo, alternate applications of the technique are demonstrated. The variety of applications available for this technique make it very useful as an alternate and complimentary addition to our Aiki practice.


Aiki application

In the following video senior students from our dojo demonstrate an Aiki application of Osoto gari in response to a traditional Aikido yokomenuchi attack.