Ippon seoi toshi

Ippon seoi toshi  (single arm shoulder deop) is classified as a hand throwing technique (Te waza) in Judo. It is practised in all Judo clubs.

Technical instruction – Judo application

In the below video detailed and insightful instruction on how to correctly perform Osoto gari is given by Sampson Sampson (8th Dan).  Sampson Sensei generously posts many instructional videos. Those interested in quality on-line Judo instruction are recommended to peruse the Sampson Judo Channel on You tube.


Ippon seoi otoshi in Aikido

in Aikido the throw is not widely practised.  Those dojos that do teach it tend to treat it as an Aiki application (like our dojo).

In the below video, students from our dojo demonstrate one of the variations of the throw that is typically practised at our dojo.