Kata guruma (from Ippon seoi nage)

Kata guruma  (Wheel throw) is one of the traditional forty throws of judo originally developed by its founder Professor Jigoro Kano. The technique is classified as  a hand throwing technique.

Technical instruction – Transition from Ippon seoi nage

In the below video detailed and insightful instruction on how to correctly perform Osoto gari by Sampson Sampson (8th Dan).  Sampson Sensei generously posts many instructional videos. Those interested in quality on-line Judo instruction are recommended to peruse the Sampson Judo Channel on You tube.


Kata guruma transition in Aikido setting

In the below video, Ian and Jeremy demonstrate the transitional technique in an Aikido setting. In some Aikido dojo the transition is merely treated as a form of seoi toshi or kokyu nage application. The principles of the technique, however, remain the same.


Kata guruma from a kata dori traditional attack

In the below video, Ian and Jeremy Sensei demonstrate a variation of Kata guruma from a traditional aikido attack in the form of a same side grab (Katate dori).