In the below video Morihiro Saito Sensei demonstrates the Aikido technique Morotedori shiho nage.  The demonstration is at ki no nagare (free flowing level)



  • Technical details

In the following video, Sensei Andy Hathaway of the London Aikido Club provides instruction for the ki no nagare application of Morotedori shiho nage. For other videos on technical matters relevant to Aikido by London Aikido Club see their You tube channel.


  • Kihon (basic) application – Takemusu Aikido Vol 2


  • Alternate application – Donovan Waite Sensei

In the below video Donovan Waite Sensei (7th Dan) provides instruction on morotedori  shiho nage (sometimes referred to ryotemochi shiho nage) as practised in his school located in Philadelphia, USA.

Waite Sensei’s version of morotedori shiho nage  is commonly practised at our dojo. It is a particularly effective application of shiho nage (4 directions throw) due to its use of the uke’s elbow to facilitate taking of their balance in the setup of the technique.

For further information on Donovan Waite Sensei and his dojo, you may wish to visit his website at the following link.